The Cat-Folk , as they are insultingly known (their true name is "Itako", meaning "The People" in their tongue) are a race of human/cat hybrids, with two major forms emerging from the combination. The two major forms are of the Cat-Folk: The Bestial and the Humanoid. Their names suggest exactly what they are, with the Bestial form having human intelligence, but the body of a being such as a lion or panther, and the Humanoid Forms appear to be human/cat hybrids.

It is assumed to have been a natural evolution that have rise to these beings, but some of the more uneducated (or racist) people of the world argue that they were created by some mad God through a curse, or are the result of humans attempting to breed with cats. 

Bestial Cat-FolkEdit

These beings, though their lack of hands may at first glance be perceived as a disadvantage, are perhaps one of the most perfect hunters on the planet, with the logic and calculating intelligence of a human, and the speed, agility, prowess, and grace of a large cat. There are two forms of the Bestial Cat-Folk, panthers and lions. They require no description, as they are identical save appearance and tactics, the lions preferring to run down foes, and the panthers preferring to stalk.  

Humanoid Cat-FolkEdit

These beings, while more accepted in the human culture than their Bestial counterparts, still have stigma against them, due to their history as a race of thieves, bandits, gypsies, and other outcasts. They tend to have at least two major features of them relating to their feline heritage, the most common being tails and cat-like ears. They also have claws, and sometimes cat-like eyes, or fur. They have the agility and grace of a cat, the intelligence of a human, and can use any technology a human can use.

Every Cat-Folk has claws that can be retracted at will, and their teeth are also sharp. The main diet of all Cat-Folk is meat. Some of these Cat-Folk look identical to humans, save their ears or teeth, or eyes, and others look like bipedal cats. 

Technology and SocietyEdit

The technology of Cat-Folk is very primitive, consisting of wooden and stone weapons, their huts are made out of leaves, or skins. They however, supplement this with an agility and stealth that can be matched by no other living being, and their claws and teeth are able to tear through chain mail armour.

Their society is largely individualistic, and they band together to form Clans to share food, mate, and hunt together. It is rare for a Cat-Folk to conform to any sort of society outside of perhaps the most basic of rules.

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