Spirits are directly related to the supernatural realms of the world, and there are many forms of Spirits. Some beings are in-tune with these preternatural beings that travel around the world, and some spirits do take a host, meaning that the host, with training, can use the same powers as that Spirit. However, to unlock one's potential, the host will have to undergo a rather complex ritual, along with training. If they complete this, the host will be able to see Spirits, and use the powers of the Spirit that has taken them as a host.

Most often, the Spirit will choose a host based on personality. People with violent tendencies will often be taken by a Spirit that is similar, such as a Wolf Spirit. All descriptions of spirits are in the context of a host who can use the powers of their spirit. Spirits must take a host in order to interact with the world, and once a proper host has been obtained, and the training been done properly, then the Spirit can interact with all supernatural objects as if they were corporeal, regardless of their nature.

Wolf SpiritsEdit

Quiet when concentrating, open and loving of large groups when relaxing, and vicious if slighted or confronted in combat, Wolf-Spirits are the defenders of the supernatural world, fending of threats that can either not be combated by natural beings or exist elsewhere in the workings of reality. 

They tend to be fans of the blade, using swords with a ruthless efficiency, and some of the more flamboyant ones will use scythes, kusarigama, or sickles. They have powerful senses, and can, like all Spirits, see and interact with all supernatural beings as if they were corporal, regardless of their true nature.

Mother SpiritsEdit

Coming to those who are motherly, kind, and caring, Mother Spirits are the healers of the Spirit World. Not much is to be said of them, as they merely heal the Spirits injured in combat. They can heal any injury, but cannot bring the dead back. Weapons-wise they tend to use what is available. 

Serpent SpiritsEdit

These Spirits are the kinds of people who shake your hand and hold the dagger behind their back with the other hand. They tend to be backstabbing, sneaky, untrustworthy people, and have a love of silent, concelable weaponry. They are often employed as assassins and thieves.

Owl Spirits Edit

Cunning, wise, and quiet, these spirits battle from afar, manipulating the world and studying it before striking. Spirits of this nature favour the bow considerably more than any other weapon. They are often employed as scouts in armies.

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