Wolf-Folk (Vulfvichi in their native tongue) are known for being rather territorial. They will either mark their scent usually by urination or make claw marks into surrounding trees. If threatened most will growl of make themselves look bigger by rearing up (in bestial form).

Humanoid Wolf-FolkEdit

Known typical as "savages", "barbaric", "demons" or "evil", though their existance was a mere evolution or adaptation. Though many ignorant human(s) believe that they came from the underworld (similar to Cat-folk) making them so called "demons"or "evil" which isn't true. Most possessing the ability to know


Humanoid wolf-folk with Bestial wolf-folk.

where spirits are and where they travel. Due to this, tehy tend to rely more on archaic methods of combat and transport. 

Bestial Wolf-FolkEdit


Bestial Wolf-folk

Have the ability to walk up right or on all fours.They are usually hunted but many fall fatal to their large size, strength, and speed. These beings tend to be violent when provoked. They are as able to produce more offspring then that of the humanoid wolf folk.

Hybrid Wolf-FolkEdit

Are a mix of both humanoid wolf-folk and bestial wolf-folk. Before the time of sectored and more civilized regions they bred together 


Hybrid Wolf-folk

forming a more genetically excellent wolf-folk that possess great strength and size.

Large rewards were given to those who could hunt these monstrous beast (most likely humans). They are able to run on all fours and upright makingthem rather agile with their added dexterity.

They are considered sudden heirs to become Monarchs or pack leaders in most regions. They are commonly mistaken as werewolves or lycanthropes.

It is thought that onyl silver can slay these beats (though experienced Hunters say that it is simply not so, Cold Steel slaying them as well as silver can.)

Society and TechnologyEdit

Very, very social, all clans are lead by a humaniod Wolf-Folk, and consist of many members of each of the three sub-species. They possess knowledge of bows, flint-knapping, and other basics, however, have begun to westernize and now are seen with armor and metal weapons.

Their society is all about loyalty, often to the death. Oath-breaking is punished by death, and other crimes by exile. 

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